Ayurveda tips for morning 9 key practices for beginners

simple ayurvedic tips to stay healthy life long

Ayurveda tips for morning 9 key practices for beginners

Ayurveda tips for morning 9 key practices for beginners-you might have heard the word, Dean. Acharya before and what that word means is a daily routine in Ayurvedic medicine. It is very important to have a daily routine this helps us in many different ways most I think most important for me with a daily routine.

is it sets my day and I can always count on my day starting the same way which helps me feel more stable and steady no matter whether?

I’m traveling whether I’m getting ready to go on you know a PTA field trip whatever it is I’m doing that day or going to a chai. I know my day is always gonna start the same way it helps us cut down on decision fatigue which is something.

that is a big concern to us because we make so many small decisions throughout our whole day sometimes by the time I get to noon we’ve already made you know several hundred decisions. so it actually creates and supports the mind to be calm to have a Dean Acharya we used in Acharya as little daily cleansing techniques to help us from building up toxins in the system to help.

keep the senses clear and to help to nurture cleansing and nurturing the body that’s always the theme in Ayurvedic medicine, medicine cleansing and rejuvenating so part of our morning cleansing practice.

requires certain steps there are many different things you can do you can choose from but here’s sort of my top nine that I like to use. I like to start off waking up before the Sun, not everybody’s favorite I realize that but it helps us begin.

to get our rhythm set and helps us with engaging in a meditation practice as well as the next thing. I like to do is tongue scrape so I get up in the morning and I use a tongue scraper scrape my tongue to evacuate any of the toxins.

that might have been left in my tongue it also helps me start digestion begins in the mouth the next thing. I’m gonna do is neti pot and then Nastasia oil so the neti pot you can get lots of great information on the Y side about that but basically.

I’m using it to evacuate the nasal passages so there are no mucus or bacteria or pollen different types of debris that will be relieved from the nose. but it also helps to cleanse the other gates in which we take in information.

so the eyes the ears the sense of smell improved so, therefore, the sense of taste so all of this helps us net pot is actually quite an amazing to live ethically not just for the physical body.

Ayurveda tips for morning 9 key practices for beginners

evacuation but also for mental cleansing and for getting ready to see the day through all your senses properly the Nazi oil is something that we use as well nasty oil helps to real Oubre Kate
the nasal passages once you’ve been cleaning them with a neti pot is often a delivery system.

also for special herbs and aromas to help us with creating a sense of calm and ease in the mind so we can use neti and Nastya those are sort of two separate things the next thing I like to do is have a glass of warm water to hot water with either lemon or lime depending on the season.
so I have lemon unless it’s summer and then I switch to lime because it’s a little more cooling and I have that to help my lymph system begin to drain in the morning. it also helps me with evacuation in the morning.

so that way my system begins to clear itself out completely and to give a little hydration to the
body as well in Ayurvedic medicine the range of things. we do next can vary so what I prefer to teach is for people to continue with some of the evacuations.

so using sesame oil to rub on the gums and then take a little sip and swish it around the mouth is a way to work with cleansing out some of the bacteria we hold in our mouth help support gum
health for the teeth as well there are different techniques that are talked about.

so you’d have to research which technique works best for you the next thing is very important and most of America doesn’t do this but I’m as you asked getting my family members I’m very big on this in the morning.

you have to sit down on the toilet and evacuate it’s very important to do most people don’t do this and it’s a problem. because then we walk around and have abated that early morning call to evacuate we often will then get constipated and that’s going to be problematic.

so again we’re cleaning out all the waste in the body as much as possible there’s actually a way to train the body to evacuate every day in the morning for proper daily evacuation. the next technique that I do is something that’s probably my most favorite technique in diabetic medicine
for morning ritual and it’s a nurturing ritual.

so I’ll use a dry brush or a washcloth dry washcloth and I will rub the skin long and the long bones around in the round bones. so that way I can do some dry brushing followed by oil Abhyanga or self oil massage in the morning.

this is supposed to be done before you shower to help with proper cleansing and then nurturing the body and we have actually I think more information exactly how to do this Avianca practice online. this is the one practice in the morning that helps us remember that we are property we are auspicious in nature it’s a very self-loving act and it helps.

the nervous system feels calm and supported in that way the final thing that we do while that oils on I actually sit and take my meditation then or do my asana practice then depending after about 20 minutes and I’ll go and rinse in the shower and depending on the time of year.

I’ll use a warm shower in the winter and a cooler shower in the summer that’s my Dean Acharya morning routine can get kind of long if you haven’t done it. before this is true so don’t be worried or concerned the way we start off people with the Dean acharya is this we have you look at the list and the list can get longer just.

so you know but let’s say we look at these nine things that we’re doing in our morning routine we have you picked three things to start with and try to implement those three things in your morning routine.

we have you choose one thing that you feel pretty confident you feel good about what you can get done and then the other two may maybe or maybe not but they’re attractive to you in some way you try those out what works great you keep what doesn’t work you might step it down to the bottom of the list and then bring another one up on board I would do this once a week.

so start with three at the end of the week evaluate and then try a new thing so by the end of a month you probably have built up at least a good 5 to 7 step do Chhabria for yourself which is a wonderful way to begin to see the benefits of this kind of morning routine you.

simple ayurvedic tips to stay healthy life long

10 simple ayurvedic tips to stay healthy life long

1-drink a glass of warm to hot water, first thing when you wake up.

2-after a meal for optimum digestion, your stomach should be half full of solids, one-quarter full with liquid and one-quarter empty with air.

3-allow 4-5 hours in between meals.

4- do at least once per week obligation ( ayurvedic massage ) of your body.

5-exercise 2-3 times a week.

6-while eating disconnect from work, internet, tv, and other interruptions.

7-select foods according to your body constitution.

8-never drink iced water/ drinks just before during and right after the meal.

9-get to know your body constitution.

10-form a daily and weekly routine, the most important part is-stick to it.




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