Best Ayurvedic tips for a healthy hair

Ayurvedic tips for a healthy hair

Best Ayurvedic tips for a healthy hair

Beat Ayurvedic tips for a healthy hair

Best Ayurvedic tips for a healthy hair-everyone loves beautiful healthy hair but sometimes it’s going to be possible that a number of us could also be affected by hair loss or perhaps the other imbalances or problems with hair.

today we will be going through how to look after our hair and to make it healthy. and for that, we have a lovely color toby here who will be helping us going through the various
approaches of Ayurveda in terms of healthy hair.

in Ayurveda whenever we look at hair loss we usually look at it as a state when there is excess Vaartha or dryness in the body or a state whenever there is excess petha or heat
in the body.

so generally whenever there’s dry heat within the body it’s going to cause hair loss. but then once again identifying which part of it is pizza or which part of it is fathe.

so generally looking into hair loss you will see that whenever there is excess hair loss from around the top of the head or whenever people talk about a receding hairline that’s mostly to try to to with excess heat within the body.


but on the other hand, if people talk about hair loss which may start around the year or
going to the back of the head that is usually a Vaartha or dryness related hair loss.

so now first of all understanding if someone were to suffer from hair loss how to correct that. the aim is simple first of all get rid of the dry heat from the body.

sometimes in Ayurveda, we also believe that excess heat in the body may also start drawing
the body. so the aim is to reduce that pizza or fire in the body.

now looking into the various approaches, first of all, looking at food. now whenever we talk
about food the type of foods that you simply should avoid are usually something which will increase the warmth.

and such foods are those which are either very spicy or very salty sour. so spicy salty and sour foods should either be avoided or minimized.

but on the other hand, something that is sweet but sweet being natural sweets or bitter or astringent tastes. so whenever we say natural sweets, therefore, naturally sweet fruits and when we say bitter or astringent usually these are green vegetables either in the form of smoothies or soups.

these are really good to get rid of heat from the body. not only that one other choice that is really good to help prevent or stop hair loss is the aloe vera juice. aloe vera is known for its bitter yet cleansing properties so aloe vera also helps to get rid of that excess heat from the body.

so that is gently about the foods now looking into the massages or what are the different
things that we can do to the scalp or hair to help prevent hair loss.


now whenever we talk about any massages in Ayurveda we usually talk about what is called as the prom knee Amla oil. this particular oil is really made from two different herbs.

the first one is prom knee which is understood for its nourishing qualities it helps to nourish. and strengthen the nervous system and therefore also helps to get rid of heat from the body.

the other herb that’s Amla is understood for its cleansing qualities. therefore it also has got to get obviate the warmth but also cleanses or removes the toxins from the body. so this particular oil that is prom me Amla oil is really good to be a flight and massage to be able to prevent hair loss.

now coming to the massage technique for hair loss for the scan. now, first of all, remember that the oil has to be warm it cannot be taking some oil in both your hands or directly to the scalp the first point that you will be applying and massaging the oil is on the crown chakra or literally on top of the head and this particular point is approximately eight girls.from your eyebrows on top of the head.

so at this point first fold pour some oil and start off with a tapping motion. and after that a rubbing motion.and once you finish that you will do exactly the same thing from there going slightly behind another four fingers behind on the apex.

and likewise over here – first of all, tapping and then the rubbing motion. and once you’ve done that then remember to apply oil to the whole scalp to the different parts of the

and hair and once you’ve done that now next come the striking down of the hair from the midline going laterally down the rubbing motion so that you cover the whole scalp. and once you finish this now is the exact opposite movement where you go to the center from the sides of the scalp.

so moving up towards the center and you do that from all sides even from the front of the
head back of the head and then the side of the head.

once you finish that you can once again finish off by the rubbing stroke on the crown chakra or on top of the head. once you finish that remember to apply some more oil to the shaft of the hair rather than just the root or the scalp.

so that is about the massage but then remember whenever you’re going to be doing this massage it is best to be done before you wash your hair. so the technique that you would be following is, first of all, using the premier Amla oil which is warmed up for the massage of
the scab.

leave the oil under the scalp for approximately 15 minutes and then wash off the oil or just wash your one other simple thing that you can do throughout the day without really putting in a lot of effort is to have any tea or her ability that helps to reduce that heat in the body.

a bit are reducing tea usually with herbs of saffron or cardamom or fennel is really
good to get rid of that excess heat from the body. and therefore also prevent hair loss.

along with the tea, one other thing that you could also have on a regular basis is the Ayurvedic Cham chyawan prash. now one thing that you have to remember is that Chavan Praja is of course very cleansing and detoxifying but if it is, of course, to do with hair loss then best is to have one or two teaspoonfuls of this jam in either warm milk does it have to be dairy milk it can be coconut milk almond milk or rice milk.

so this can be had perhaps two or three times during the day. Jevon plush also is very high in arm law or the Indian gooseberry which is known for its vitamin C content. and therefore this also helps to heal or even regenerate the hair follicles.

and now coming to the herbs the three important herbs that will help to either prevent hair loss or up to a point even correct hair loss, first of all, are Triphala. as you know through flies a cornerstone herb in Ayurveda and it is known for its cleansing and detoxifying properties and effects, therefore, it not only helps to get rid of the toxins but also the excess heat from the body.

sometimes you may notice that if you are suffering from hair loss and alone with that constipation or perhaps sluggish stools then three flaws is the herb that you need to take because along with getting rid of those toxins from the stools the flower will also help to get rid of the heat from the body.

so that is the first, huh and now the next herb that is really good in preventing or correcting hair loss is turmeric. as we all know that turmeric is no for its culinary properties or qualities but turmeric has got very good Ayurvedic properties in helping to
strengthen and nourish and rejuvenate the hair follicles turmeric is of course taken either one or two times every day.

Ayurvedic tips for a healthy hair

because it may come in capsule form or the best way to take turmeric is in warm this is again another herb and now the last herb is prominent as I was just now saying premier is known for its nourishing qualities not only on the body but also the nervous system Brahmi helps to get rid of that excess heat from the nervous system and therefore
through its cooling qualities it will also help to prevent hair loss.

not only that premier also helps to get rid of that excess heat from the hair follicles
now when we talk about fire what we have to remember is that whenever there is excess heat or fire in the body.

it always travels up to the head and from there it is believed that if it gets too much and if you don’t get rid of it then the heat or that excess fire will start melting the fat tissue around the hair follicles and therefore hair loss.

and prom me as a herb helps to prevent that and of course, the prom we can also be taken a couple of times during the day if you’re taking internal capsule form or have set for turmeric best is to mix it in warm milk and have it two or three times a day.

so that is about the herbs and then of course lastly terms of yoga – there are a few yoga practices yoga exercises or perhaps breathing exercises that will help to prevent or correct hair loss. and of course, as I was saying earlier whenever there is excess heat of the fire in the body it travels up to the head.

and from that point of view what you have to remember is if you want to prevent hair loss you have to avoid any inverted positions.and therefore anything like headstands or shoulder stands or the downward-facing dog or any position where you know that the head is
going to be going down to the floor you have to avoid them.

because in that you’re going to be avoiding excess heat also traveling up to the head. now in terms of sequences the moon sanitation’s also known as a Chandra Namaskar are very good to help prevent hair loss.

and of course, as a word goes moon Salutation that means you’re saluting to the moon not only onto the outside. but you’re also helping to get rid of that excess heat inside the body too.

so even if you are able to do two or three rounds of mon-sol attentions regularly that will
help along with that when we look into the breathing exercises any cooling breathing exercises.

the first and the most important one is the alternate nostril breathing. now as you know this is an exercise where you alternate the breathing in and out from both the

but the most important thing is the retaining of the breath the longer you retain the breath inside the body the cooler it becomes. and the other important breathing exercise also known as a cooling breath exercise or the sheath early breathing.

and as you know this is one of those breathing exercises which is done from the mouth by curling your tongue this exercise is also really good to help reduce that excess heat
from the body.and of course through that help to prevent hair loss.

and of course, lastly, something known as the left nostril breathing is also very good. you
simply just close the right nostril and breathe in and out from the left. this also helps to cool down the bottom so of course, these are some very simple suggestions and examples in ways to help either prevent hair loss or to correct hair loss up to an extent.


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