The best foods sources for vitamins and minerals

The best foods sources for vitamins and minerals

The best foods sources for vitamins and minerals

The best food sources for vitamins and minerals should-we are taking vitamin and mineral supplements? There is, unfortunately, no simple answer. Registered dietitian Daphna Steinberg says that for many adults under 50, a diet is that the best place to start out, instead of the vitamin aisle. Rather than trying to guess what’s best for you, ask your doctor, pharmacist or registered dietitian to understand for sure!

sources for vitamins and minerals millions of people in North America are regular vitamin users the question is what do you actually need.

Daphna Steinberg is a registered dietician at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center and says the data is complicated.this isn’t something that you really want to try to on your own unless you’ve got a lot of knowledge it’s if you’re deficient in something your doctor is gonna let you know that because hopefully.

they’re monitoring for that and they know what your risks are for most adults under 50 Steinberg says a balanced diet and not the vitamin aisle is the best place to start most vitamins and minerals are most easily absorbed through food getting your vitamins and minerals.

The best food sources for vitamins and minerals this way will also offer added benefits like fiber so when do you need to take a supplement once you get to be over 50 then a standard multivitamin-mineral supplement is recommended because you do have a little bit more difficulty absorbing some of the things from food at younger ages Steinberg says that standard multivitamins can play a role.

if you have gaps in your diet but more definitely doesn’t equal better if you’re not deficient in something then there’s really no reason to be taking excess amounts of things because there can be dangers associated with that for example too much vitamin C can cause kidney stones and too much vitamin E has been linked to all-cause mortality certain vitamins and minerals.

can also interfere with some medications so make sure your doctor and pharmacist are aware of everything you’re taking so what about vitamin-fortified waters Steinberg says she doesn’t recommend them.

there’s sugar in it so it can cause weight gain it can increase your blood sugar if you have diabetes and also you can potentially exceed your vitamin requirements from drinking these things which can have potential side effects.

there are Dietary Reference Intakes for all vitamins and minerals for all stages ages and genders but rather than guess what’s best for you talk to your doctor pharmacist or registered dietitian to know for sure.



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